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Training: 3 Week Boarding Program


I have been training dogs since 1980. In that time I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds upon hundreds of dogs.

Almost every dog can be rehabilitated! And it can usually be done in a very short period of time.
I have found that the most effective training plan is to leave the dog with me for 3 weeks. In that amount of time your dog can learn to sit, stay, lie down and come when called. All initial training is done on a leash. Depending on your goals, we can proceed from that point to off-lead obedience as well. We can also address any problem behaviors your dog is expressing, such as jumping up on you, excessive barking, problems with house-training, etc. I have also worked with a number of aggressive dogs.

The reason I like to keep the dog for three weeks is multi-fold. The first thing is that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. When your dog is with me, he/ she will be trained continually throughout the day. There is a huge amount of repetition that goes into training a dog. And it is very important—especially in the beginning stages—that everything is being done with the dog on a consistent basis. I have attempted to do individual classes with people in their homes. On rare occasions, the dog can be thoroughly trained in this way—but it takes 8 to 12 weeks instead of just three. And in the majority of cases, the dog never does end up trained. People are very eager in the beginning, so the first 3 or 4 weeks tend to go pretty well. After that, people get busy with other things and the homework just doesn’t get done. Their interest wanes and they are left with a partially trained dog. This is frustrating for the people, and confusing for the dog.

If your dog has spent the three weeks with me, he/ she will be clear about what is expected of him/ her and will exhibit a new confidence and willingness to please. It is then very easy for me to show you how and what to do in order to elicit these positive responses from the dog. We will have a “transfer session” at the end of the three weeks so that you can learn the various commands—that your dog already knows—and it makes it very easy for you to work with the dog from that point on.

I am a firm believer in dog training. Dogs have an infinite ability to learn, and in most cases they already want to please you. It is unfair to yell at a dog for something when they are not sure what it is you want them to do. I have seen families totally transformed once their dogs have received training. Please don’t give up on your dog until he or she has had the chance to learn what is expected of them. Once your dog learns how to fit into your “pack”—or family—everyone involved will have a happier, more peaceful life.

This is the complete package.  Your dog will learn to sit, stay, lie down and come when called. All commands are initially done on leash. Any problem behaviors will also be addressed. Issues such as jumping up, excessive barking, bolting out of doors, house-training problems and so on can be resolved during this initial training period.

I will be keeping you updated on your dog’s progress as we move forward. I am available by phone or email to answer any questions you might have. This applies once you have brought your dog home as well.

If for some reason you are unable to commit to the full three week program, we also have a one or a two week option. A lot can be accomplished even in such short times. Let us know your goals and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Pet Sitting


I know how hard it can be to get away when you have animals to worry about. You can rest assured that I will take great care of your animals in your absence.

I have been caring for animals in some capacity for all of my life. For 10 years I ran a dog training, boarding and grooming facility where I kept up to 30 dogs at a time in my home. Every dog received the proper care, nutrition, exercise and medications as needed for that individual. I have had classes in doggie CPR and first aid, and I am also a certified nursing assistant. I can care for puppies as well as for older or ailing animals. I have also spent a lot of time on farms and ranches. I have cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, goats, cows, horses, birds and reptiles. I lived in the Durango, CO area for a couple of years during which time I was the foreman of a 500-acre cattle ranch, gave sleigh rides in the mountains—and even drove a “wild west” stagecoach.

I can be flexible in covering your needs. If you just have one or two dogs, I would be happy to bring them into my home with me. That way they would have company throughout most of the day, and would come to think of my home as their “home away from home”. We can take walks, play ball or do whatever it is they like to do. If you like, I can do training with them as well. While you are away is a great time to have some training done.

If you have a larger number of animals, I can come by your house once, twice or three times a day. I can water your plants, bring in your mail and so on. If you just have cats—and want me to come by two or three times a week to feed and clean litter boxes—I can do that too. You just let me know what your needs are and I will find a way to accommodate them. I realize that every situation is different—every family is different—and as such I will be happy to sit down with you and devise a plan that will best fit your needs.

I do not normally do overnights, as I generally have animals I am already watching at my own home. But—on occasion—that is also a possibility.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me at any time.
I look forward to meeting you—and your animals.