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To Whom It May Concern

I am writing on behalf of Michael Kim Steacy, dog trainer and behaviorist extraordinaire.

It has been my distinct pleasure to have known Michael for the past 43 years. During this time I have witnessed him take a gift he was born with and turn it into an art form.

What Michael does is nothing short of incredible. He literally “speaks dog”.

For seven years Michael ran a boarding and training facility here at Grey Wolf Farm in Vermont. While I personally had nothing to do with the dogs, I watched him train literally hundreds of them from my window. Many of the dogs who were brought to him had behavioral issues so grave they were literally a heartbeat away from being euthanized.

And yet, no dog was too difficult. No dog was turned away.

Michael was able to get through to virtually every do that came to him, and plenty of time was spent training the people and setting them up to succeed when they took their dogs back home.

Happy clients are still singing their praises and Michael is sorely missed.

If you and your dog have an opportunity to work with Michael, you will both be extremely grateful you did.

Vermont’s loss is Colorado’s gain.

Most sincerely,

Elena Nugent


To Whom It May Concern:

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to provide this letter of recommendation for Mr. Michael Steacy. Our association with Mr. Steacy has been as a former client when he owned Grey Wolf Farm in Vermont where we boarded our dogs until Michael left for Colorado. Michael was recommended to us by our vet. We had moved to Vermont from Massachusetts where we had been accustomed to a dog sitter coming to our home to provide care. So when we couldn’t find a sitter here in Vermont we had to go searching for a place for our dogs which was scary for us because we are a bit neurotic and over protective of our animals. Michael greeted us and immediately was very patient with our numerous questions and fears of leaving our dogs with someone we didn’t know. This was the beginning of a very wonderful relationship for both us as well as our dogs.

One of our dogs is a husky who we rescued from the surrounding woods of our home. She was very scared, malnourished, and obviously abused. When it came to training we were at a loss for how to do this without intimidating our sweet dog. Michael provided us with an additional service which highlighted another one of his skills and obvious expertise, that of dog training. We have had many dogs in our lives and trainers, but not as kind, skilled or sensitive as Michael. He is what we call a dog whisperer, but more to the point an animal whisperer.

If you are reading this letter, then you are probably looking to board your loved pets with a competent and caring person. This letter attests to our firm belief in and commitment to Michael Steacy’s continued work in boarding continued work in boarding and training animals. We have so much faith in him that he is the recipient of our estate when we pass on. This is so that we know our animals will continue on in safety and comfort after our death. He is our choice forever and should be your choice as well. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any further questions about Michael.

Priscilla Smith-Trudeau and Gerald Hevey
Wealth in Diversity Consulting, 544 Black Mountain Rd, Cambridge, VT 05444
Telephone: 802-644-5140


It is with great pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Michael Steacy, Owner of Top Dog. I initially met and got to know Michael when he worked with my boss’s dog.  He was patient, firm, caring and I saw immediate results.  At a later time I had him “farm sit” for me and he was fantastic. 

I have a small farm that could also be called a petting zoo.  I raise Registered Black Angus cattle, in addition to chickens, rabbits, ducks, a horse, dogs and cats.   My animals, from my farm to my companion animals, are very special to me and there are very few people I am comfortable leaving them with, but Michael is one of them.  

Michael is thorough and conscientious.  He loves animals, has good large animal sense and is totally dependable.  He is particularly mindful of old and/or special needs animals and takes excellent care of them.

When he stays at my home and cares for my animals he is not only diligent but also attentive to them and their needs, even if it is just a special pat on the head. Michael is an outstanding person and an excellent trustworthy “farm sitter”. Please feel free to call me for a personal reference if need be.

Penny Holliman
Rinn Valley Angus
2910 Weld County Road 20 ½
Longmont, CO 80504
303 776 7499


Michael has cared for my animals for several years now when we go on vacations or on short trips.

He comes to my house to take care of all the cat chores and will even water my plants! My big yellow lab was still healthy when Michael first started watching him for us and he was maybe not quite so much trouble, although still somewhat needy and nervous when we were away. Michael called him his velcro dog as Duke would always stick right by Michael whenever possible. Now Duke is almost 13 and has had a back injury. He is on a lot of medication and falls down a lot and needs numerous short, slow walks to help him maintain muscle mass and strength. Michael still takes great care of him. I never have to worry about my dog getting his medication and I know he will be in good hands. I feel like Michael understands and cares for old dogs.

I am so glad to have found Michael. He is totally dependable and trustworthy and he really cares about animals. I would never hesitate to leave my animals and house in his care.

Sharon Weiss


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Michael Kim Steacy of Grey Wolf Farm.

He is truly a “dog whisperer” in his own right.

After having had my dog to numerous trainers, animal behaviorists, etc., finding Michael was nothing short of a miracle. The dog is alive today because of his time, patience, attitude and gift for understanding these wonderful animals.

Michael “thinks like a dog”. He understands their mentality and trains and teaches their owners accordingly and the dogs love him for it.

Whether you have a dog with “issues” or a new puppy who needs to learn basic manners and social skills, Michael’s the person you want.

Please hire him for your dog and yourself!

Eileen Zadrosny
205 Bluebird Lane
Colchester VT 05446
Phone: 802-862-6319


Hello To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Michael Steacy. Michael operated a successful kennel operation in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado for three years. I was involved in working with Michael during the entire time he was here.

Michael always showed the utmost concern for his charges. Sometimes to the point I was unsure the dogs would go home. He was able to handle the most fractious dogs. I saw the kind techniques he had to gentle the animals and began using some of the techniques in my own business.

I operate Auntie Lou’s Animal Care in Coal Creek Canyon. I have been taking care of various types of animals for the past 7 years, in their own home. Michael is the only person I have felt comfortable leaving my business with so I could get away occasionally. Additionally, Michael is the only person I would consider boarding or having care for my 14 quadripeds (1 dog, 8 cats, 1 rabbit (friend of dog), 1 turtle, and 3 llamas. I can think of no higher compliment.
If you would like further information regarding Michael, please contact me at 0r call me at (303)-637-0063.

I do miss Michael, so I hope you do not enjoy his services too much. Maybe he will come back to Colorado. I know his other customers would rejoice and Vermont’s loss would, once again, be Colorado’s gain.

Lou Haynes
Auntie Lou